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Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
foul on behanan and the woes at the free throw lineup continue for kentucky. >> clark: you like that yng man's motor. he just needs to become a little more proficient at the foul line. >> tim: they've missed their last five as a team, and we have another lane violation. >> clark: deep breath. step off. concentrate on your mechanics. >> greg: this is a tough call for the officials because everybody is assuming he's going you're trying to get in and procure that basket, that rebound. unfortunately, he didn't disappoint. he was unable to convert. they are going to look at their inability to make the freebies down the stretch. >> clark: 10 of 22. >> tim: it becomes a liability -- as good as he's been all day long, cauley-stein becomes a liability. miss on another blow-by. >> clark: so hard, young fellow, he's bringing it. >> greg: he always does. he's got that kind of heart and relentless posture and attitude from his bad, big russ. -- from his dad. big russ. >> tim: all right, fellows. let's talk about defensive strategy for john calipari. down by six. >> clark: somehow on you have
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
kentucky. he had this emotional moment earlier. >> i promised my constituents, the families of the bereeved in connecticut, my own family and every american family... i will not be silent any longer. >> cenk: that is great to hear. congressman from kentucky joins us now. congressman, great to talk to you. >> hey cenk. >> cenk: hey there. first, let's talk about the silence in the years before. why do you think that happened, whether it's you or other politicians related to this democratic or republican? >> well, you know, first of all my voting record's been very consistent. i have an f. rating from the n.r.a., the only f. i've r. been proud of, i think maybe the only i've ever gotten. i'm proud of it. i think i fell into the trap that so many of us do in congress, that there's a tragedy, the news cycle ends, there doesn't seem to be anything happen, so we shut up. we say ok, nothing's going to ever happen. then i realized sitting around this weekend watching the agony of this nation, that the reason nothing happens is because we don't persist in our speaking out. i said that's not going to
Dec 17, 2012 3:00pm PST
and congressman john yomoff, democrat from kentucky. thank you both for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks, reverend. >> let me start with you, congressman, the tragedy happened in your home state. what will we be able to get done? when will we get meaningful gun legislation for those victims. >> well, again, last night, the president laid out the challenge to our country. i think he very powerfully spoke really not just as a political leader, but as a parent that we are failing the test on protecting not only the people of this country but our children. and now the whole world is watching, literally, because they were watching last night. but the people in that room where i was, the brothers and sisters of the victims who were there holding stuffed animals, their parents who, you know, the feeling of bewilderment and grief and the first responders and teachers, they expect us to not just let this thing sort of blow over. we cannot let that happen. the assault weapon ban which is certainly being talked about a lot, i voted for that when i was in the state legislature and prepare to do that
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
into the carolinas or toward tennessee and kentucky. and farther west heading due west later today you may be driving into some wintry precipitation. right now getting some rain down in tennessee, southwestern virginia and kentucky. ahead of that under the clouds we have temperatures cold. we're in the 20s to right around the freezing mark in washington and the nearby suburbs. right near the bay it's a little bit above freezing but away from waters below freezing. into the shenandoah valley and mountains, most locations in the 20s. in fact, even colder. east of the mountains we don't have any weather advisories but there is one out for western maryland and into west virginia. a combination maybe of some icing and some maybe light snow there later today. if you are heading west, you may be running into that later today and for the metro area a cold, calm dry morning and then by noontime might get a little bit of snow and sleet perhaps to our west and north otherwise light rain moving into the metro area and maybe a little bit of sleet mixing in with some rain western northern suburbs mid afternoon and
Dec 28, 2012 12:00am EST
in kentucky was doing a live report from a shelter that does an annual thanksgiving dinner. keep an eye on what goes on in the background in tonight's edition of "behind the news. >> what are you thankful this thanksgiving? >> this thanksgiving i'm thankful i see all these men and women in this hotel who come in and have a good thanksgiving and share it with us that i have my life back, my grandchildren, my son. i have a wonderful job now. i couldn't be more blessed. >> spirit of the holidays. everyone wants a drumstick. what are you going to do? >>> tonight is the third night of hanukkah. my favorite thing about hanukkah is there is no wrong way to spell it. i think chewbacca is acceptable. it's like the jewish version of kwanza. if you are looking for a hanukkah gift for someone you love, we have a gift guide for you. to make it easier we curated the best of the best products from late night tv commercials. these are potential gifts that i think everyone will love. if they don't love it there is a good chance they will send you your money back, guaranteed. >> the singing parakeet will
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
into the carolinas. more moderate showers now moving into eastern tennessee and kentucky and that's going to be advancing toward the metro area but not until late this morning and perhaps during the afternoon we'll get some of that rain moving in. right now it's cold. below freezing. all of virginia, all of maryland except near the waters and in west virginia and some locations it's down into upper teens to near 20 degrees. so as that moisture arrives later today, coming into that cold air it will probably cause some icing these counties in the lavender and counties that you see in the darker color under a winter weather advisory maybe snow there. icing and snow if you are heading west into the mountains later this morning and into the afternoon. around the metro area, might get wet snow and sleet around noontime early afternoon but well above freezing changing to all rain mid to late afternoon and that continuing into tonight. i'll show you your christmas eve forecast in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with mike. >> good morning. things are looking great right now on the interstates a
Dec 18, 2012 3:00am PST
, another one who stepped up to the plate and so did congressman john yarmuth from kentucky who will be along in studio with us just a little bit later. saying again i've always supported the nra but the nra is wrong on this one and we have to move. that is really good news. and these members have come out with some specific proposals. senator dianne feinstein saying she's going to reintroduce the ban on assault weapons which expired in 2004. we heard from the brady campaign yesterday here on our show about the importance of background checks at every gun sale. congressman chris van hollen put that on the table as well yesterday here on our program in studio. and senator feinstein and chuck schumer saying also they want to do something about the high capacity clips or magazines that are usually associated with all of these mass murders. self of which were in the possession of the killer in newtown, connecticut, on friday. and the other person who's really been out there in front with very specific suggestions and demands
Dec 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
into her own hands. something she's considering doing for real in a possible run for the senate in kentucky against mitch mcconnell. not only is he facing the prospect of a popular manufactumovie star taking his job, just yesterday he found himself in the awkward position of having to filibuster his own bill which was designed to avoid the fiscal cliff panic that we're going through right now. congressman john yarmouth is a democrat from kentucky. ashley judd hails from your home state, though she now lives in tennessee and appeared with the tennessee delegation at the democratic convention last summer. how serious do you think she is? you know her. i believe you have spoken to her. how serious is she against running against mitch mcconnell? >> i think she's serious about getting involved in government and playing a different kind of role in public affairs. she's always been a very outspoken activist and very knowledgeable public policy person. so she's considered a run. we know that. we don't know -- it might be against mcconnell. it might be against rand paul in 2016. it could be for gove
Dec 1, 2012 10:00pm PST
basketball coach rick majerus. he was 64 years old. led utah to the 1998 ncaa final against kentucky. coach could never beat kentucky. >> thank you much. before we go, got to have one last word from paul about the storm. it's already here. >> we got some rainfall. it poured all evening long. really round three hasn't even started yet. you get a break about 4 or 5 more hours. about 2:00 in the morning, here comes the rain. soggy tomorrow morning. by tomorrow evening we're down with the rounds. no round four. >> going to hold you to that. that's it for us. thanks for joining us. more sports another 11:00 on cbs 5. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
hal rogers from kentucky comes into the story. he's the chairman of the house appropriations committee. that $17,000 replacement drip pan comes from a supplier in his kentucky district. in a 2009 press release, rogers took credit for getting his district's phoenix products millions in new business with the drip pan. washington guardian says what the congressman did was the supplier's ceo and husband are contributors to his political action committee. >> we the taxpayers have been on the hook for millions of dollars for drip pans that are needlessly expensive, all because a congressman wants business in his district to be getting this contract. >> reporter: the center for responsibility in ethics in washington says another company could make the same helicopter drip pan for $3,000. that's $14,000 less. phoenix products called the pan a one of a kind piece of equipment and says the public is getting its money's worth. neither chairman rogers nor the drip pan manufacturer responded to washington guardian's request for comment. so for now, you're paying $17,000 a drip pan. i'm investigativ
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
of a wealthy and procedures kentucky family, he was related to henry clay. both through marriage and blood, tightly woven, a kentucky aristocracy. starting with the first men in illinois, he was volunteering to fight for the war before it started, he was repeatedly writing letters to stephen douglas. even though douglas was a democrat. and he already had a lot of military experience. he had bought in the black hawk war. and he actually was in charge of the mormons and state of illinois. he was a big military guy, a political guy, and he really wanted to buy mexico. he wrote letters to newspapers saying that this is our possible opportunity to gain california for the united states. and i will be the front of that movement. and in fact, he was. now, pardon is excited about the possibility of taking a lot of mexican territory and manifest destiny. when he gets to mexico, his views change pretty quickly and dramatically. when he gets to mexico, he writes about potential silver mines. and he says that the silver mines here are supposed to be the richest and mexico. and were only abandoned why t
Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm PST
reid hit right back at the gentleman from kentucky and referenced this comment senator john mccain made on monday. >> mr. chairman, i again apologize for what seems to have happened and much to my dismay it lends some credence to the argument that we ought not to do business the way that we are doing here in the the united states senate. >> senator john mccain was blaming rand paul of kentucky for holding up amendments on the defense authorization bill. in the process, mccain gave credence to filibuster reform. his comments step all over mitch mcconnell's claim. it's not an effort to marginalize the minority party. with 386 filibusters from republicans, these rule changes are simply a way to make the senate work again. that's what you pay them for. let's turn now to senator debbie stabenow of michigan. there's been a lot of conversation in the liberal community in this country about this. and democrats seem to be chomping at the bit. is this going to happen? are we going to see change? >> yes, i believe that we are going to see change. we have the support to make the changes and i think
Dec 18, 2012 7:00pm PST
, congressman john yarmouth, congressman, you have been in congress for six years from kentucky. difficult place to be elected from if you're on the wrong side of the nra. what do you believe the congress should do now and what are you prepared to support in congress? >> well, there are many things i'm prepared to support. the things the president has talked about. the re-institution of the assault weapons ban. limitation on high capacity magazines. the -- eliminating the gun show loophole. all of these things are very common sense things. actually things that the membership of the nra supports, which is ironic. most of these things are things that can have an impact, but more importantly they make a statement to the american people that this is not acceptable. these weapons, these weapons that are only designed to kill are not acceptable in american society. and whether or not they actually stop individual incidents, i don't know that we can predict that. but certainly they make a statement that is important. and what -- i think what we have seen over the last 48 hours or -- three days, is real
Dec 21, 2012 8:00am PST
of kentucky. stand by. the nra started the press conference. >> i welcome you here this morning for the purposes of beginning our discussion of the topic that's been on the minds of american parents across this country. that is what do we do about the tragedies of the sort that struck in newtown, connecticut to avoid such events in the future? like most americans, we were shocked by what happened. like all americans, we have been discussing all of the various options that are available to protect our children and at this point we would like to share our thinking with you. for that purpose i would like to introduce wayne la pierre, our executive vice president. thank you for being with us. at the end of this conference we will not be taking questions but next week we will be available to any of you who are interested in talking about these or other issues of interest to you so contact us, please, at that point. thank you very much. wayne. >> good morning. the national rifle association, 4 million mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, join the nation in horror, outrage, and grief
Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm PST
comments. >> a kentucky man puts a watermelon-cradling obama mannequin in his front yard. marcia dyson and marc morial on bigotry. that takes no breaks for president obama. >>> and later, john nichols on the thousands that republicans stand to hurt in their own districts if we go over the fiscal cliff. >>> history was made this year in more ways than one. we saw unprecedented efforts being made at the state level to suppress the vote, targeting the poor, the young, the elderly, and minorities. we also saw the re-election of the first african-american president. and with that historic event came a whole wave of hate speech and racist stunts. social media provided a platform for the nation's unenlightened to air their grievances with the president's skin color. one blog tracked the origin of racist tweets, following the president's re-election. the majority of them coming from red states in the southeast. twitter saw another eruption of racist language when the president interrupted sunday night football to address victims' families in newtown, connecticut. and for those not as technolog
Dec 25, 2012 6:00am PST
are a problem. freezing rain sleet and snow is expected but a blizzard warning is also expected in kentucky. you can receive weather alerts by signing up for mobile >>> two people were arrested after their christmas eve service was affected by gunfire. it happened on mcarthur boulevard. a 17-year-old and 40-year-old woman were shot. a bullet even landed in a baby stroller. the two people were rushed to the hospital but we do not know the extent of their injuries. >>> it happened just after 2:00 this afternoon. the woman was pronounced dead and the 25-year-old man was treated for mine morias and the cause of the crash is under investigation. >>> channel 2 news reporter alex savage is here to explain how volunteers are making the holidays brighter for families. >> reporter: at least 600 people are expected to come here and donate their time this christmas day and you can take a look behind us. you can see the first round of volunteers and they are getting right to those turkeys and hams to get the meals prepared for those in need who will come first for breakfast and then later a chr
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
week in louisville kentucky as we continue on "the road to the final four" here on cbs sports. is your current phone bill? four sixteen seventy six a month! okay, come with me -- we're gonna save you money. with straight talk at walmart, you get unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month per phone. would we get the same coverage? same coverage on america's best networks. you saved $146.76 by switching to straight talk. awesome! now you can afford to share your allowance with me. get the season's hottest smartphones like the samsung galaxy s2 and get straight talk with unlimited data for just $45 a month -- from america's gift headquarters. walmart. ♪ ♪ >> doug: hello, everyone. i'm doug gottlieb. welcome to "the road to the final four, requests the game you just saw, kansas beat ohio state in columbus. joined by seth davis from "sports illustrated." for the third consecutive time in the sec consecutive season kansas prufsz better than ohio state but this was more impressive because it was on the road with young stud ben mclemore. >> seth: kansas tu
Dec 18, 2012 4:25am EST
eastern kentucky, that is another cold front. we'll show you that we've got some clearing starting to take place. i'll more details on all things weather in just a minute. back to you. >> we are following breaking news out of maryland. police or the scene air barricade. police have not released much information on this situation but this situation is in the 1800 block of greenwich woods drive in adelphi. we will continue to update with you more information as it becomes available. >>> to connecticut now where a third funeral is planned for today. this has students and teachers in newtown prepared to get back to their classrooms four days after the tragic shooting. all schools except for sandy hook elementary will reopen today. police continue to look for a motive. they say they are looking into 20-year-old adam lanza's computer for clues. >>> anti-gun advocates are stepping up their efforts for gun laws. as bob barnard reports, there were two rallies yesterday. >> reporter: this was a noontime march on the capitol hill offices of the national rifle association. about 100 people taking part
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
these messages. merry christmas. we'll see you next week in louisville, kentucky as we continue on "the road to the final four" here on cbs sports. your current phone bill? four sixteen seventy six a month! okay, come with me -- we're gonna save you money. with straight talk at walmart, you get unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month per phone. would we get the same coverage? same coverage on america's best networks. you saved $146.76 by switching to straight talk. awesome! now you can afford to share your allowance with me. get the season's hottest smartphones like the samsung galaxy s2 and get straight talk with unlimited data for just $45 a month -- from america's gift headquarters. walmart. ♪ >> doug: hello, everyone. i'm doug gottlieb. welcome to "the road to the final four, requests the game you just saw, kansas beat ohio state in columbus. joined by seth davis from "sports illustrated." for the third consecutive time in the sec consecutive season kansas prufsz better than ohio state but this was more impressive because it was on the road with young stud ben mclemore. >> s
Dec 4, 2012 10:00am EST
pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from kentucky seek recognition? mr. yarmuth: unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will suspend. does the gentleman seek unanimous consent? mr. yarmuth: i did. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from kentucky is recognized for one minute. mr. yarmuth: when it comes to the fiscal cliff, republicans and democrats have one major thing in common, we both believe tax rates shouldn't go up for 98% of americans and 97% of small businesses. the difference is the democrats won't use them as bargaining chips. we have filed a discharge petition to bring to the floor legislation that preserves tax cuts for 98% of americans and 97% of small businesses. it has already passed the senate. the president has said he will sign it immediately. less than a month away the clock is ticking, and if house republican leadership is wondering when in our pressing schedule we might fully consider 24 legislation, they might rethink their astonishing decis
Dec 18, 2012 9:00pm EST
county in eastern kentucky, died. it was the deadliest year in more than a decade. as bob simon reported in march of 2007, some miners' widows, like melissa lee, believed their late husbands deserved more protection. >> jimmy loved the smell of coal. >> he loved the smell of coal? >> he would inhale, and he said, "do you smell that?" it was almost intoxicating to him. it was like a high rush, the smell of coal. >> so mining wasn't just a job for jimmy. >> no, it was his second home. he would always say it was time for him to leave me to go to his second wife, which was the mines. >> jimmy lee loved his job, but he also knew that mining was just about the only job he could find to support his family. harlan county is one of the poorest counties in the country. life revolves around church and family and the mines. men, hundreds of them, have been dying in the mines here for generations. fewer have died in recent years, but mining still has the highest fatality rate of any job in the state. >> it's always been dangerous, and, um... people die. >> kent hendrickson is a lawyer who represents
Dec 24, 2012 8:30pm EST
in the kentucky wilderness on sunday, february 12, he entered a world as harsh and primitive as if he had been born a thousand years earlier. there was no doctor. simply giving birth put his mother's life in mortal danger. the only help available with the old granny women as they called her, who was summoned from miles away. a newborn baby was washed up in water and carried up a hill from a chirping spring, wrapped in animal fur and laid on a bed of dried up corn husks on a mud floor. now in later years, lincoln would allow his political supporters to glamorize his frontier roots. they made him out to be a sort of backless superman, but the log cabin had no romance for him. lincoln knew first-hand the dead-end life of an undeveloped economy. all the hardship and sorrow of what was called vintage living. his strongest boyhood memories were of death and near-death. the time he almost drowned as a boy. the time he was knocked cold by a kicking horse. his younger brother, his mother and his best friend in the world. this boy blessed with a naturally brilliant mind felt like an alien on a hostile p
Dec 11, 2012 3:00am PST
for this quiz this morning. i can tell you from memory, he brought a bunch of jobs back in lexington, kentucky. >> he is stoned. >> get lexington, kentucky out. >> do you feel like we do? we're going to kick out with frampton after he's done with this answer. >> he brought back a bunch of jobs at lexington, kentucky but at much lower wages. >> what kind? >> it was appliance jobs. >> they have the huge apply hans city down there and all these massive buildings and their own zip code and one building after another closed down. he's starting up one assembly line after another. are they going to get paid $30 an hour? no. >> here's the point. how do you have a ro best recovery when you have wage compression, people who made $30 an hour making $14 an hour. how do you grow an economy like that. >> the point is do we want these jobs building in germany or alabama. want them in lexington, kentucky or china? >> you mentioned germany. volkswagen opened a plant in chattanooga a few months ago, 2,000 new jobs. bob corcoran was down there. 2,000 jobs, every one of which started at $14.50 an hour. >> right.
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
corfullorf ul episode in american folk history. >> reporter: i'm mark strassmann on the west virginia/kentucky border where no two families ever hated each other like the hatfields and the mccoys. now for the first time artifacts each other lik have been discovered from the infamous feud, and you're going to see them coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ everybody is trying to put my snoopy down ♪ úz ♪ country road ♪ ♪ take me home ♪ ♪ to the place ♪ >>> tomorrow is the 125th anniversary of a confrontation that ended america's most infamous family feud. the hatfields and the mccoys. researchers have now found the first physical remains of the final battle. mark strassmann has the exclusive look of the evidence that could rewrite the history of these hillbilly clans. >> reporter: in these east kentucky hills bob scott's family has owned this land, palm ost almo50 ast 5cres0 ac, sires,nce sin1902ce 1.902. it was a stage for a bloody chapter in american history that's also part of his family history, the hatfield/mccoy feud. >> my mother's maiden name was h
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm PST
ended up hooking up after the game. >> i understand you went to the kentucky derby this year. >> you done your homework. >> we wept to the kentucky derby this year. >> i'll have another has won the kentucky derby. >> had a blast. never miss another one. it is great, great clean fun. >> marcell reece. athletes always wanted to be rock stars and now it is celebrity chefs who have taken over that roll. role. the 49ers are busy, but it ain't pretty. dolphins sacked him four times and he fumbled once. to his credit he found a way to overcome his inexperience. he set a new standard for sacks on a season. he finished with two on the day and that's 19 and a half on the season. they are two of 10 and special teams bailed them out. the third quarter recovers punt. frank gore takes it from there. most touchdowns in a franchise history with 50 and 10 points on turnovers. gore and watch his run. 19 of his 60 throw yards and his 1,000-yard season. dixon then pounds it home and 26 niners. the dolphins didn't quit. watch this amazing one handed touchdown grab. he threw for 150 yards. the niners lead
Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
rogers, we're coming in. what's that for? listen, cliff miller's a kentucky mountaineer and where he comes from you shout your name to prove you're visiting and not feuding. morning ms. dale. howdy roy. hi cliff. howdy cliff. you both are a mighty welcome sight. we heard your store house burned down and we brought you some supplies. that's mighty kind of you but i don't want to be beholden to you. out here in the west we just call it being neighborly. ain't the way roger wilson feels. he acts like he's feuding with me. he wants to buy my ranch and he don't take kindly to my refusing to sell. i wonder if roger could have started that fire? i wouldn't put it past him. come on bullet. ♪ sure is mighty nice of you folks to do this. i'll take that from you ms. dale. okay. how did the fire start cliff? i don't rightly know roy. might have been caused by some kind of fermenting in the corn, like the fire we had when grand pappy's still blew up. cause might just be the piece of misfortune that been hounding me lately. let's hope your luck gets better from now on cliff. i thank you kindly.
Dec 26, 2012 9:00pm PST
the offense. >> western kentucky and central michigan squared off in the little caesars bowl. before you can see pizza, pizza, the chippewas ryan radcliff finds nori and he goes all the way for a touchdown. western kentucky which was making its first ever bowl appearance answers with a trick play. the lateral back to jakes who has rico brown open downfield. western kentucky could have kicked a tying field goal but instead went for it on fourth and two.
Dec 7, 2012 1:00am PST
in mcconnell's home state of kentucky and mcconnell endorsed the other guy. the not rand paul. but paul won. he won his senate race in kentucky which was deeply humiliating for mitch mcconnell. but demint has also backed a lot of candidates who won their primaries but did not go on to win their general elections. like christine "i am not a witch" o'donnell if you remember her. demint backed the not a witch candidate and she lost big time. he backed todd aiken of the legitimate rape comments and mourdock of the other rape comments. the reason jim demint isn't in the majority today is because of jim demint. but jim demint says he's okay with that. >> i'd rather have 30 republicans in the senate who believe in the principles of freedom than 60 who don't believe in anything. [ applause ] well, let -- let me make myself even clearer. i would rather have 30 marco rubios in the senate than 60 arlen specters. >> arlen specter you might remember got driven out of the senate in part by folks like demint. he went to the democratic party and became the 60th vote on obama care. so that worked out we
Dec 22, 2012 12:00pm PST
. these are the top ten states of guns sold per capita. kentucky leads the group with more background checks than residents according to the daily beast. connecticut, home of the latest tragedy is ranked 47th in sales per capita. and gun-issue non-profits have pushed public opinion. their funding is 100 times greater than gun control groups says "the washington post." the firearms industry is like the harvard business school case of success, but after sandy hook, key investors like large retirement funds are now pulling their money out. they're questioning if it's all about profit. the nra's suggestion has been met with an avalanche of gun controlaed vok ats and i'll talk to the executive director of gun owners of america who says the nra has it exactly right and how to plan your trip around weather delays and snowstorms across the country. [ woman ] too weak. wears off. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at everything about
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
in kentucky, tennessee and the carolinas trying to make its way east but it's going to abwhile before it gets here -- to be a while before it gets here w. very some winter weather advisories and freezing rain advisories for the mountains this morning and into the afternoon hours but nothing close toward the metro. our temperatures are starting down to 23 in manassas. 27 winchester. culpeper 25. 33 for bill in newland, virginia in the northern neck and fredricksburg is at 30. we're only going to be in the low 40s. looks like we're fine this afternoon. a little wet at times -- i mean fine this morning, wet this afternoon and a wintry mix north and west but the roads will be too warm for anything but wet streets. let's check in with liz and looking pretty quiet out there. >> reporter: thank you. very, very quiet. we'll start with your ride on 95 through virginia. it's so much less volume filled than usual. 95 north looks good on the trip up from fredricksburg. no problems near occoquan. here we have the view of 395 right around duke street. you can see there's plenty of space between cars there
Dec 20, 2012 7:00am EST
" continues. host: knelt on your screen is congressman john yarmuth from kentucky here to talk about some of the gun issues we have been discussing this morning. congressman yarmuth, in yesterday's "louisville courier journal," you wrote an op-ed. saying -- guest: like i think a lot of my colleagues, we tend to be affected by inertia. over the last six years, even though there has been a number of increase in tragic violence, weekend to continue or maintain the drum beat. last week i decided i need to keep speaking out and we all do because the frequency of these events has increased. the american people want us to do something them back before i spoke out on monday morning, we already have hundreds of phone calls and e-mails over the weekend saying please take action. i think we need to keep talking about it. in my district, i am surrounded by a lot of the nra supporters. in many cases -- i have an 'f' rating. this is not a change of heart for me. the louisville media market of fax a lot of kentucky. they and not hearing the other side of this case. host: you represent a very urban area?
Dec 20, 2012 11:35pm PST
ximas horas seguimos con lo que se llama blizzard o ventisca en español, en indiana, ohiao, hasta kentucky o tenessi . >> la tormenta llega cuando cientos de pasajeros vuelan con las familias para pasar navidad, por eso se vio muchos frustrados, además retrasará los envios que no podran las compañias mantener la promesa de mandar los paquetes . >> mchas gracias, en instantes venezuela discute si es inconstitucional posponer la fecha de toma de mando de hugo chavez . >> declararon a periodistas culpables por narcotreafico . >> los restos de jenni rivera estaba en el cementerio, pero la familia dice que no será hasta dentro ♪. >> la prsidenta del tribunal supremo de venezuela dijo que podría decidir si es constitucional aplazar la fecha de toma de mando de hhugo chavez,dijeron que el asunto no se ha llevado al tribunal mmáximo,chavez debe realizar juramento el próximo 10 de enero, los 18 mexicanos que intantaron hacerse pasar por periodistas serán declarados culpables de nnarcotráfico,tenemos los detalles . >> por lo cual no le queda ninguna duda de los hechos que se imputan a los
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am PST
of kentucky and found run disturbing reasons why some of america's poorest children are illiterate. nick joins me now live from the "times" to explain. so you go to jackson, kentucky, and people are running literacy programs there but tlrl parents who don't want their kids to learn to read. it just defies all logic and all tradition here in the united states of wanting our kids to have a better life. what's going on? >> well, it's heartbreaking because there is, in effect, an incentive for parents to try to gain the system and have their kids be diagnosed with an intellectual disability because then they can get payments each month until that child turns 18 under the ssi system. and so, you know, there's no doubt that ssi support is a lifeline to many parents with kids who truly are disabled. but also, according to people there, there's no doubt that there are a lot of fuzzier cases where there's a real incentive to have your children lag behind because that's one basis for diagnosing this kind of disability. >> 1.2 million children enrolled in supplemental programs at a cost of billion a year
Dec 26, 2012 7:00pm PST
, and eastern ohio, kentucky, and indiana. along with wind gusts of 50 kilometers an hour. the unusual winter phenomenon hit for seven states, 34 tornadoes. this one touchdown in mobile, alabama. it overturned cars and blew out windows. >> it is like this crazy wind, just the whole building is shaking. >> a caused no fatalities, but a thunderstorm fell this tree, killing a driver of this truck. and if no border was buried by an avalanche. the storm system shifts to the eastern seaboard. >> writing levels of the city in the red sea is threatening the coral reef. in predicting how it looks in the future. the effects of climate change are apparent. >> marine scientists have been diving. they will be tested in highly acidic water to find out what happens to a coral reef as the chemical composition of the oceans change. leading the students is the doctor. the tanks have different levels of corrosive water simulating what scientists predict the oceans will be like 5100 years from now. >> there is no question about it, they're getting more acidic and it becomes more corrosive. also, it changes the o
Dec 25, 2012 4:30am PST
. >> kentucky could get 4 to 7 inches of snow today. >> a special message from the pope. he specifically mentioned it and we will hear what he is urging all christians to do. >>> there are two times you can watch it, you will also have more on your news weather and traffic, coming up. stay tuned. . >>> welcome back, san leandro police found a man in his vehicle last night. the man was rushed to the hospital for surgery, his condition has not been released and police have not released information about a shooter or a murder. >>> the actor has now died. he was known as one of the odd couples. he was best friends with hisco actor and spend much of his life on television. his family said he died peacefully at his southern california home. the cause of his death is not known. >>> the 89-year-old died of natural causes at his home in new york city. the two time oscar nominee is known for his role as the best little whore house in texas. he also did a role with paul newman. >>> he made his annual christmas day address. [inaudible] >> the 80-year-old delivered the message and called for world pe
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
picture, nothing going on. plenty of sunshine. no clouds. a couple of showers in carolina, kentucky and tennessee, but what catches your eye is the distance in the great lakes that will plague us all weekend long, starting tomorrow with a ring chance. today, we see the sun shine in chilly temperatures. eventually, temperatures come up, and i will be tell it all coming up. >> today, the winner martin o'malley signed several proclamations' regarding -- governor martin o'malley signed several proclamations regarding last month's election, including the same-sex marriage law. couples waited in line for the montgomery county clerk's office to open so they could get a post-dated marriage license. while a lot is not official until january 1, the status allowing couples looking to widen on new year's day to get their license. we are a few months away from table games, but casinos are still ranking in cash. -- raking in cash. maryland live accounted for 34 foreign -- $34.4 million. hollywood casino in perryville generated $5.4 million. the casino at ocean downs cashed in $3.3 million, a seve
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